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Virtual reality is the future of interactive entertainment and this future started with Oculus VR. The VR pioneer has ushered in a new era with the Oculus Rift christened HMD (head-mounted display) and helped the device class breakthrough. However, VR glasses have suffered a disadvantage so far: The Xbox One Wireless Controller, which neither registers movements nor can be mapped in the virtual world. The Oculus Touch Motion controllers for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset are able to fix this flaw.

The features of the Oculus Touch Motion controllers at a glance:

Intuitive hand control with ergonomic design and sophisticated feel
Two controllers with a total of 10x buttons + 2x analog sticks & 2x touch thumb rest
Precise and delay-free motion tracking thanks to Constellation sensors
Motion detection for three degrees of freedom of translation & three rotational degrees of freedom
Additional IR LED sensor for high-precision hand and head tracking

The full VR experience: Oculus Rift VR headset with motion control

Thanks to the Oculus touch input devices, the Oculus Rift VR glasses allow not only motion tracking of the head, but also hands, and thus their imaging as well as interactive use in the virtual space. The ergonomically shaped controllers - one for the right hand and one for the left hand - are surrounded by a circular sensor ring , which contains the same invisibly embedded IR diodes, as in the VR headset itself. Depending on the game or application, the controllers function as a brush, gun, tool or virtual hands and can be used intuitively for manual control.

Natural gesture and motion capture & force feedback

The key assignment of the controllers is similar to that of the Xbox One Gamepad, but split into two hands. Each controller is equipped with a trigger for the index finger or middle finger, a handle button (which is pressed by hand), an analogue stick, two action buttons and a small menu button. In addition to the analog sticks, there is a capacitive thumb rest with an easily touchable rubberized surface. Both the thumb restraints and the buttons can also register whether they are simply touched by the user, even without the touch of a button. Combined with simple gesture recognition, individual hand and independent finger movements can be simulated in a certain frame. Finally, the controllers are equipped with force-feedback motors for vibration.

Additional IR LED sensor for high-precision hand and head tracking included

The constellation tracking system is also used for the movement and position detection of the hands . For optimum detection, however, a second IR-LED sensor is required, which is supplied directly here. The sensor, which is visually reminiscent of a stand microphone on the stand of a night table lamp, is identical to the one already supplied by the Oculus Rift VR glasses and has a 2.5 meter long USB 3.0 cable. Oculus VR recommends placing this second sensor in space at a distance of approximately 2 meters from the first sensor so that the infrared diodes of the controllers are never hidden during movement and can be detected by one of the sensors at any time.

Constellation tracking system also in the motion controllers

Together, the sensors are able to locate the LEDs located in the sensor ring of the controllers, which emit infrared light and thus, from the point of view of the sensors, give a unique arrangement depending on the position. Based on this constellation, the sensors can register extremely precise movements in a 180-degree range (front facing) and reproduce them virtually 1: 1. The accuracy is less than one millimeter at very low latencies and delays below the perception threshold of most people. However, full 360-degree room-scale capabilities are only available with a third, optionally available IR-LED sensor.

Technical details:
Weight: approx. 160 g (controller)
Motion detection: Infrared sensors
USB ports required:
1x USB 3.0 (for tracking sensor)
1x USB 3.0 (for controller)
Scope of delivery:
2x Oculus touchmotion controller (1x AA battery included)
1x IR camera sensor with stand (cable length 2.5 m)
1x holder for rock band guitar