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Simply called "The Z", but this mouse has it all: up to 12,000 DPI, 10 buttons, 50 clicks, accelerometer, gyroscope. The tinkerers at Swiftpoint have developed a gaming mouse with the Z from the SM700 series, which is second to none. Initially successfully funded by crowdfunding, this wonder mouse is now available for everyone to buy. Swiftpoints The Z and all accessories can be stowed in a stylish case, which is included.

The features of the Swiftpoint SM700 Z gaming mouse

High-precision Pixart sensor
10 physical keys, 18 with double occupancy
More than 50 programmable actions
Control via gyroscope
Connection via USB
Case for mouse and accessories
Swiftpoint Z: High resolution, high signal rate

At the heart of the Swiftpoint Z is Pixart's PMW-3360 optical sensor capable of resolving up to 12,000 DPI. The optical sensor processes the recorded data of the surfaces with a 32-bit microprocessor. These data are transmitted to the computer via a mouse USB cable with a USB signaling rate of 1,000 Hz, less than one millisecond. The mouse can be accelerated up to 40 G and a speed of up to 7.6 m / sec. to reach. The DPI rate can also be incrementally downshifted in increments from 100 to 200 DPI.

The current dpi number is displayed on a side-by-side OLED display, which in turn can be configured to display, for example, the profile used. Of course, the Swiftpoint Z can also be programmed, for example with complex macros.

Ten buttons easily accessible

It is not an easy task to place a total of ten individual keys on a mouse so that they can all be comfortably operated. The development team at Swiftpoint manage to do this by placing two more buttons on the main buttons towards the middle of the mouse. The back of the two additional buttons can either be used as triggers or triggered by the base members. The middle buttons, in turn, are pressed like normal mouse buttons, but like the trigger buttons with optional attachments, are configurable to be more or less easy to trigger but always comfortable to hold.

The two main keys and the keys located behind them can additionally be configured in two sensitivity levels - so-called deep clicks - and therefore also be assigned further options. How strong you press, the mouse reports by force feedback. There are also two thumb buttons and two side buttons, two additional buttons for setting the DPI number and of course the scroll wheel, which can also be used as a button. With double occupancy, the number of keys increases to a fabulous 18. In addition, the keys can be configured to trigger self-defined events when the mouse is tilted to the right or to the left. This also works if the Swiftpoint Z is turned to the right or left.
The Swiftpoint Z as a joystick

But it gets even better: because the special thing about the Swiftpoint Z is the ability to control via accelerometer and gyroscope. Swiftpoint provides the mouse with two different accessories that can be attached via magnets to the bottom of the mouse. With the smaller addition, the Swiftpoint Z can trigger slight inclinations to the left and to the right, which can be used in a backrest game. If the mouse is rotated, for example, the controlled figure can look around in the game. If, on the other hand, the mouse is used on the supplied cradle, movements are also registered via the Z axis. Thus, the Swiftpoint Z can also serve as a joystick, for example to control a vehicle or an aircraft. The mouse automatically detects which attachment is currently connected.

If you add configurable click combinations and control via gyroscope, more than 50 actions can be triggered with the Swiftpoint Z! Thus, the Swiftpoint Z is particularly suitable for MMOs, MOBAs or role-playing games - and is also a unique eye-catcher. What more do you want as a gamer?

Technical details:

Dimensions: 90 x 40 x 130 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 117 g
Color: Black
Lighting: RGB LED, 16.8 million colors (logo)
Sensor: Optical, Pixart PWM3360
Resolution: 200 - 12,000 DPI
Acceleration:> 50 G
Speed:> 250 IPS
Gyroscope: rolling, tilting, yawing
Connection: USB
USB data format: 16 bit / axis
USB signal rate: 1,000 Hz (1 ms)
Layout: right-handed operation
Keys: 10 + scroll wheel
Programmable keys: 5
keys with deep clicks: 5
Compatibility: Windows from version 7, Mac OS X from 10.8
Manufacturer's warranty: 3 years